What is RFID?

To help you understand how important it is to protect yourself from having your credit card scammed, we have put together a whole load of interesting facts about RFID technology. A personal credit card scamming experience was such a wake-up call. So much so that we felt compelled to help as many people as we can to protect themselves against this insidious crime.

The easiest way to describe RFID is that it is radio waves that enable communication between your microchip embedded credit card and the card processing machine at your local store. With “PayWave” card technology all you need to do is wave your credit card over the card machine to process the transaction. With No PIN Required! So incredibly convenient but also so incredibly dangerous!

Why is IGOGEER telling me about RFID?

There is no-doubt that RFID technology provides enormous advantages to every one who uses microchip embedded cards. Unfortunately, with every new technology there are going to be those who want to beat the system. To beat RFID, all it takes is a criminal with basic technical skills to use a simple RF scanner. These scanners are simple RFID card readers, like those used in your local store. They read and copy all the information stored on your card. With this information the criminal can easily create new credit cards by uploading your personal and financial data. They then use the card to purchase goods and services on your account. It’s that simple!

To steal your information, all the criminal needs to do is walk by you or be close by, to scan your credit card. It could be any card, your debit card, passport, drivers license, student card, corporate access card, or any other identity card containing an embedded microchip. And with just one swipe, your personal information has gone without you even knowing it has happened! From that point on your life could be a total misery. Your identity has been stolen, your bank accounts drained and your credit cards have been maxed out. It could take you years, if ever to recover from this personal and financial disaster.

Don’t go thinking – “this couldn’t happen to me!” It can. And it will happen to one in every four Americans during their lifetime.

Read on, to find out how you can protect yourself from this insidious crime.

RFID Technology Explained

RFID, or Radio-Frequency Identification, involves the use of tags. Tags are commonly known as electronic chips or microchips. These embedded microchips store in many cases, sensitive personal and financial data within the passports, driver licenses, corporate identification cards, student cards, and our credit and debit cards. In-fact, today there are currently in use more than 100 million credit and debit cards alone with RFID chip technology.

As for passports there are many countries who have now adopted RFID technology. The most notable of these countries are the United Kingdom, Australia, the European Union, Canada, and the United States. The enhanced biometric passport was first introduced in the USA in 2006. These passports contain the holder’s iris recognition, facial recognition, and fingerprint data. All of which makes blocking RFID signals from unscrupulous scammers all the more important.

The point that we find to be most frightening is that whenever you are carrying an unprotected passport, credit card, etc…with you, anyone with an inexpensive RFID reader can access and download all of the stored information from these microchips. All without you having known it has been stolen! Our RFID blocking products at IGOGEER will ensure the protection and security of your sensitive personal and financial information, by keeping it out of the hands of scammers.

How Do I Know If My Card Has RFID Capabilities?

To check your credit or debit card for RFID, take a look to see if it has a wave signal logo. If it has, then your card most likely has this capability to complete purchases using the new “Pay Wave” technology. Just because you don’t see the logo (wave signal) on your card does not mean that your card is not RFID enabled. It’s best to contact your card provider’s customer service to confirm that it is or is not RFID enabled.

How Does IGOGEER Solve This Problem For Me?

At IGOGEER we have embedded special RFID blocking materials into the design of our RFID range of products. It shields the microchip embedded inside your credit/debit cards from external RF microwaves.
Not all microchips use the same frequency to communicate. This is why some cards are protected and others are not. The good news is that all the important cards with personal and financial information stored on them are protected by our special RFID blocking materials.

What does this means to you? It means that you can safely trust in IGOGEER RFID products to protect you, your information and your money from those unscrupulous criminals who are intent on stealing them from you. You can rest assured in our RFID range of products.