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Why Did IGOGEER™ Begin?

For a long time I had been aware of RF technology and the many media stories of people being scammed by unethical scammers. These stories included how these people devised sneaky ways to steal your credit card information from ATM machines. So for years I refused to use ATM’s just to protect myself.

I always thought that by not using my credit card at ATM machines I would be safe from being scammed. But I wasn’t!

You see, one day earlier this year I was in my local food market innocently buying some groceries. I used my credit card – which by the way has an embedded microchip! Well about a week later I received my end of month statement and to my ‘shock and horror’ there were 5 transactions amounting to over $2,000 that I knew nothing about. Suddenly I realized that I had just been scammed!

Here I was thinking that people only got scammed when they used the ATM! But, I had just been scammed in my local food market. How could that have happened to me?

To make matters even worse, when I contacted my card provider they had a completely laid back attitude to the whole scam issue. Their response was that this was happening all the time. But it wasn’t happening to me! They said, all we had to do was cancel my card. Cancel my card! Ah! But I was thinking “I have so many monthly payments attached to my card, Its going to be a nightmare for me”.

I then starting thinking, how I could go about protecting myself against these criminal scammers? For days I researched the internet to find everything I could about RFID. I found a myriad of information about RFID blocking devices to help protect me from these criminal scammers and restore my credit card security.

To my surprise I discovered that so many personal identification cards now contain an embedded microchip. These cards are so vulnerable to being scammed, because they can be so easily read by a small handheld RFID reader. ID cards like passports, driver licenses, student cards, corporate access cards, and of course credit cards and debit cards. All these cards contain private, personal and financial information that can be so easily stolen.

So I jumped on Amazon to find a simple but inexpensive item that would protect me from these criminal scammers. What I bought was a Money Belt. Not just an ordinary Money Belt. A Money Belt with RFID Blocking! When I received this wonderful little Money Belt it got me thinking how important it is for everyone to have this kind of protection and peace of mind. And so IGOGEER™ was born!


How Our Products Work

IGOGEER™ RFID blocking products shield the electromagnetic energy necessary to power and communicate with contactless smart cards, passports, enhanced drivers licenses (EDLs), transit cards, and many other identity smart cards.

The specially constructed material containing a mix of aluminum, copper, silver or stainless steel is woven together to form an impenetrable barrier to the RFID signals.

It is essential for total security. Despite the fact that most contactless smart card systems implement industry-standard security mechanisms, smart card readers can easily be modified to access perceived secure data without authorization.

A smart card reader can be purchased from almost anywhere that will read the credit card account number, expiration date, and even the name on your new RFID-enabled credit card. The size of these readers makes them easy to conceal for electronic pickpockets. So much so, that someone could walk through a crowd, ride on a subway elevator, or other crowded area and steal the data from a dozen or more nearby credit card data without any of the card holders ever knowing it has happened.

The response to this problem by the credit card companies is to say that the thieves don’t have the 3 digit security code, so you can’t do anything with the data they have stolen. This is incorrect and misleading! With the new smart cards we now have the introduction of the PayWave contactless payment system. No signature or pin is required to authorize the transaction.

All the electronic thieves require now is the smart card data to carry out their crimes.


IGOGEER Range of RFID Blocking Products

IGOGEER™ is now working feverishly to develop our range of travel, sport and outdoor accessory products that provide our customers with RFID blocking protection and security against criminals who want to steal your identity and your money! All our branded products incorporate RFID blocking features. These features are manufactured from specially sourced ‘RF’ resistant materials such as aluminum, copper, silver, stainless steel and other conductive materials.


What Makes Our Products Unique?

All IGOGEER™ products are uniquely designed to ensure they are functional as well as fashionable and stylish.

They are of the highest quality standard of materials, manufacture and finish.

Generally, they are light weight, comfortable and easy to wear or carry.

Provide protection from from being scammed by unscrupulous thieves, and ensure the safety of their personal identity.

All materials used are durable and meet strict quality specifications and manufacturing standards.

Our materials are water resistant and easy to keep clean.

Every IGOGEER™ product comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a full Money Back Guarantee. How much more protection do you need than that?

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority. If You’re Not Happy, We’re Not Happy!

Quality Travel, Sport and Outdoor Geer is our Standard.


Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for the roll out of our range of accessories that you can use in everyday life. They will provide peace of mind knowing that your important personal and financial data is being protected!

Well we now have four products all loaded with Rfid blocking technology. We have the Deluxe Money Belt, the Deluxe Neck Wallet, the M05 Men Wallet for everyday use and the W05 Women Wallet, designed for everyday use and for travel. The Women Wallet is actually a unisex wallet, ideal for both men and women to use when traveling. It hold everything necessary for a safe travel experience.

IGOGEER Product Range